Top Support Questions

How do I reset my password?
Click the "Forgot Password" link on the Seller Sign In Page. Provide the email address for the account, and you'll receive an email with instructions.

How do I integrate your software with my website?
There are two ways to integrate with us. Choose between Copy & Paste Links or using our API. Visit our integration page for more information.

Can I create more than one store?
Yes, you can create as many stores as you like. You can also have unlimited products and subscribers.

Where is your platform hosted?
Subscriptions Only runs exclusively on Liquid Web's reliable and blazing-fast dedicated infrastructure with built-in redundancy and Cisco firewalls.

Do I need a web guy to use your API?
Our API is pretty simple, but you'll need to be versed in HTTP Basic Authentication. If you're not, we're available for hire. Alternatively, feel free to use your own developer.

What if I want additional features?
We'll add features over time and by request if it makes sense for our user base. We suggest our White Label Service if you need specific features built for your business.

Does your software integrate with...?
Yes, we can integrate with any application. We've built a proprietary API interface that connects with any third party application.

How do I cancel my account?
Before canceling services, if there is anything we can do to keep your business please let us know. If you must cancel, all that is required is to Sign In and create a support ticket with your request.

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